The Secret Life of an International Student

For me, it’s been marvellous several years in the UK as an international student. When it comes to international students, people have their own views on them. The way different people see international students are varied, sometimes complex. But not many people know what they go through. Over the years, I went through a lot and I feel like sharing my experience with you all. That’s why I decided to come up with this ” The Secret life of an international student” blog series. You are possibly can be already an international student, perhaps a one who is thinking to become a one, or perchance someone who is just bored and decided to read this blog. No matter what you are, I hope you enjoy this series. Also, please note this is only my experience as an international student. There are thousand and plus more out there probably experiencing totally different effects than me.

When you are studying in a foreign country, theoretically you become an international student. Over the years, I have been asked many questions; why you chose UK for your higher studies, how different is it from your home country, why do you do a part time job and many more. There were times I used to get offended when people ask those type of questions. With the time I realised it is just because they are also curious about the life of an international student.

Years back then, I was only 19 when I first came to the UK to pursue my academic career goals. At that time as a typical Sri Lankan teenager (Yes, I am originally from Sri Lanka) I had zero experience or knowledge about the society or the world. Let’s say I was “immature”. I was a girl who only knew just go to school and study. Other than that, I pretty much didn’t know anything else. I had no working experience and my English wasn’t good at all. Then you might think why I decided to come to UK. That is exactly why I took that risk; To be experienced. Was I nervous? Of course, YES! However, my excitement to go to a foreign country yonder the nervousness.

As I mentioned before, one of my major concerns was language. As a person who is coming from a non-English speaking country obviously it was hard for me in the beginning. I will be sharing How I overcome language barrier issue in the next article. If you want me to answer any of your questions related to international studies, please comment down below.

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