Marketing in the 21st Century: Module review

Ahhh!!! It’s over…. Last week I and my batch mates finished our first module ‘marketing in the 21st century’ of our Master programme at University of Southampton. After 6 weeks, I thought I should end the module with a blog review.  I hope this blog review will help potential students who are thinking to apply University of Southampton to get an idea.

First of all, I would like to talk about my module leader Michael Molesworth aka Mike. From week 1 to 6, he delivered excellent teaching outcomes. The quality of teaching is fantastic, you can see the passion of the lecturer every time he speaks and it really does help you to engage. He is the first person encouraged me to become a more independent learner. If you attend a lecture of Mike, there is a quote you can always hear during lectures which is “but doing MSc at a Russell Group University…………….”. I can guarantee you will be hearing this lot.

 In terms of teaching and learning, lectures are useful with slides being posted on blackboard, typically with additional notes included which is helpful. This is great for revision and going over material again. One major benefit is you can meet Mike during office hours without an appointment and he willingly gives constructive feedback. Even though Mike does a great job, as a student I had to spend 126 hours for independent learning. As Mike said when doing a MSc at a Russell group university your tutor will not spoon feed you, instead they will help you to develop your way of thinking.

When talking about module, I believe it is a very well structured module. Both digital marketing and marketing analytics students got this module and most of students who are doing these courses do not have any marketing background. Thus, this module kind a like a foundation to rest of the course.

In terms of content, the course is extremely varied covering topics such as the new meaning and sources of ‘value’ in marketing, the significance of global and local cultures for marketing, the role of technology in contemporary marketing and more. It is great module where you can learn how to apply theories into practice in the changing marketing world. What is more important is Module allows you to look at marketing in a more critical view.

Let me talk about the assessment now. Our assessment was to carry out a personal blog. In the very beginning I wondered why I have to write a blog. But now it all makes sense. It is not just an assessment. It will aid to develop your future career through creating an online brand. Now, I am writing this review in my blog thanks to the module. In the future when I go to an interview rather than showing my qualification, now I have a real practical blog to show them. Therefore, it is not just a module but also an excellent opportunity to shape your CV.

After finishing this module, we started new module which is marketing communication. However, in my point of view, I think that if we could the marketing in the 21st century module at the same time with the marketing communication it would be great rather than starting after one module. Because these two modules go well with each and to get better learning outcomes my suggestion could work.

This is my personal opinion. Overall I have enjoyed my module and I believe it has prepared me well for life after uni. I would definitely recommend this module to potential students who are applying for University of Southampton. If you have this course as an option to choose go for it. You will not regret it. For me, I am enjoying my master degree at a ‘russell group university’ right now.


If you have any questions, please comment them below. I will be back with another module review once I finished them.

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