Will this upcoming Korean Artificial Intelligence Chat Bot able to succeed in the future?

Imagine what it would be like if you get a private message from your favorite artist/idol about her /his new album. Imagine if you could get to whinge about your part-time job while chatting with her/him. Any fan would be thrilled to have this kind of opportunity which could only happen in someone’s dream.

In my recent post we discussed how Korean pop music industry has skyrocket its popularity thanks to social media. In fact, millions of fans across the globe are joining Kpop fandoms daily. To remain in the industry, connecting with fans is a must for any artists. That’s why Korean entertainment agency marketers are always trying to come up with new strategies to keep their idols up with fans. Fan meetings, concerts, Live video broadcasting are the primary ways of connecting with fans.

On 2nd of November, biggest Korean entertainment agency SM Entertainment revealed a jaw dropping news which is that they are holding hands together with Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) to combine fast-developing artificial intelligence technologies for entertainment and music services. As a result of the project, it is almost set to release the newest service using artificial intelligence, called ‘Celeb Bot’, is being created by South Korean start-up Scatter Lab Inc (Min-si, 2017).

According Kim Jong-yoon, the company’s CEO, the artificial intelligence of today hasn’t advanced to a level where it can have a casual chat with people. For example, if you say, ‘I fell down,’ the machine can’t reply as humans do”.  Project is working on a chat app where users feel as if they are engaged in a real conversation with their idols. The machine will reply something like, ‘You should have been more careful,’ or, ‘are you hurt’ or something similar. This service will enables the opportunity to have a real conversation with the AI version of artist fans favor. For the development, developers collected more than three billion dialog pieces from popular Korean chatting app Kakao talk as raw data to analyze and understand fans behaviours. The question arise here is, can this AI based ‘Celeb Bot’ be successful in the future once it released.

In my opinion, AI celeb Bot could be a huge success. Here is why; we humans regulate our behavior through control and reinforcement to achieve our goals. In 1986 Bandura introduced Social Cognitive theory, he explains that human behavior is based on three facts; stimulus, response and reinforcement (Sohn et al., 2004). This could also apply for fan behavior as well. When fans hear good music and if fan finds the music she/he is listening is interesting, will be itself reinforced to seek more music from same artist. When the behavior process continues fan gets motivate to not to like only his/her music, but also like the artist as a person which is the starting point of attraction, and that attraction causes them to reach out with behaviors designed to attract the celebrity’s attention. Thus, celebrity interaction with fans is essential, so celebrity him/her self who is also a person within the social system, is changed by the interaction and his or her behavior also evolves with respect to the relationship. A celebrity who is highly interactive within a fan base develops an extensive network of fans that are known to that celebrity. However, in reality interacting with fans not always possible.Therefore, through an AI technology service, making that happen could aid to strengthen fan-artist relationship.

What is more, attempt of this Korean project is to make a virtual reality. Virtual reality allows experiencing stimulant immersive physical presence in a real environment (Virtual Reality Society, 2017). It consent fans to experience an enjoyable and real experience of chatting with favourite artists. Through giving the feeling of better than reality will allows celeb bot to get well-liked since practically for fans, meeting or have chat with favourite idol always won’t happen. It is a one in million chances and also probability of getting ignored by their favourites is more possible. Thus, rather than waiting for a reality miracle, fans would experience this virtual practice to express their feelings and love for their favorites. Plus, once started using it, mind instinctively commence to position the AI who chatting with as a real person.

To find an answer to the question, how many people would prefer to get a message from their favourite idol in every morning?, I carried out a small research. The research was done through a random survey and 88 participants took part in the survey.


86.37% of participants prefer to get a personal message from their favourite idol, while 15.91% believe, they won’t be excited to get a personal message. Please note that, this question was inserted to only assess the peoples’ desire to get a personal message from their favourite idol but not to assess about Celeb bot. According to the result of survey, gives the impression that people are in fact waiting for a service to fulfil the desires they got. Thus, if celeb bot comes out in right time, it would be a sensation for sure.

However, on the other hand, this won’t be successful as well. When using the Chat Bot, fan knows that, their favourite idol is not the one who is actually chatting with them but an artificial intelligence version of them. Therefore, getting a feeling of worthlessness could happen. Might begin to understand, what they doing is not actual but is escaping from reality. In addition, possibility to getting addicted higher and will led to health issues. As a result, people might start to say no to celeb chat.

To sum up, it has been identified in the thorough discussion that, Celeb bot also have both pros and cons and resemblance of a knife. A knife could be use to cut vegetables or to murder someone. Users’ job is to use for right thing and same with the celeb bot. However, when looking at the discussion question, in my opinion, I believe AI celeb bot will be a huge success in the future. Even though, with few cons from perspective of marketer, I think those cons also could turn into pros. Although, addiction could be con, on the other hand that could be the winning point of celeb bot. Not as a marketer, but also as a fan of Kpop idol group I can’t wait to experience real chat with my favourite EXO member using AI celeb bot. From this point, even in the future, if SM Entertainment announces that, they are coming up with a new AI idol group, I won’t be surprised.

What do you think about this upcoming AI chat? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


Min-si, Y. (2017). Can AI take over the music industry?. [online] The Korea Herald. Available at: http://khnews.kheraldm.com/view.php?ud=20171102000645&md=20171105003214_BL [Accessed 4 Nov. 2017].

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