Why you should use Instagram instead Facebook for your business?

Social media marketing has become an essential part in this 21st century business world. Even since marketers got to know the fact that social media is the best way to connect with consumers and all other organizational influential factors, they tend to focus more and more on social media marketing.

In view of the fact that there are countless number of social medias platforms presently utilizing by business organizations, thus it is somewhat tricky to find the finest out of them to create success of your business. When it comes to social media platforms, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ are giants in the campus; among them we all know that Facebook and Instagram are currently dominating today’s digital marketing world (Ebizmba.com, 2017). Throughout this blog I am going to discuss why a business should bring Instagram into play instead Facebook.


In social media marketing, engagement is one of key crucial fraction which is very regular metric to evaluate social media performance. It evaluates the performance of the particular social media through likes, comments, re-posts and shares (York, 2017). The main purpose of social media engagement is to build brand awareness. But here, we should keep something very important in our minds that building brand awareness does not only mean evaluating the potential consumer base who could recognize a brand, but to also connect with organizational products and services (Kautish, 2013). A vast amount of bloggers such as Leibowitz (2017), Rubio (2016) who blogged on the same topic before believe that promoting through Facebook or Instagram does not really matter since it all depend on business goals. I really don’t agree with them. In my opinion, I believe Instagram does this duty way better than Facebook. Let’s discuss why.

Even though Facebook is the parent company of Instagram these two have dissimilarities. Before set off to the discussion please have look at basic statists data about Facebook and Instagram shown below.

Basic Statics 

Facebook Statistics Instagram Statistics
1.32  billion daily active users 500 million monthly active users
1.15 billion mobile daily active users 300 million daily active users
1.71 billion monthly active users 4.2 billion likes daily
1.57 billion mobile monthly active users Over 95 million photos/videos per day
Source: eBizMBA.com, 2017

According to eBizMBA 2017, Facebook has 1,500,000,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors while Instagram only has 275,000,000 visitors, meanwhile Instagram owns highly engaged user base. As you can see, Instagram can’t beat with the number of Facebook active user base. However, in terms of engagement, Instagram has pretty impressive stats. Now let me explain why Instagram has larger engagement and how is it going to beneficial to your business.

Instagram is picture centred platform. It is all about sharing pictures. In comparison to Facebook, Instagram is way too simple and being simple is its’ own advantage. Why; because we are living in the 21st century where time is important than anything else and this era is where mobile dominates, people prefer mobile browsing over personal desktops. People prefer pictures over quotes and statement since pictures speak thousand words. Therefore, most of young generation prefer Instagram and younger generation actually do engage than older generation. That is the reason why Instagram has huge amount of engagement when comparing to facebook. Please have a look at these statics below.


Let’s be more real. When you look at those statics, you can see Instagram has 58* more engagement per follower than Facebook. It is like you have a clothing retail shop which has 100 daily shoppers, but only 5 of them are buying your goods. This is what happening in Facebook.Even though your Facebook post has reached 1000, only 10 might have been engaged. But in Instagram if you are posting targeting 1000, at least 500 going to engage with the post. A study carried out by Osman (2017) on Instagram stats pointed out that the average engagement per Instagram post has grown by 416 percent, compared to two years ago. As I explained before building brand awareness does not mean getting people to know your brand. I am not saying reaching post is not doing any good. It is good, which allows promoting the brand name. However, when you post something, you actually want people to comment, like and share your post. You want them to like your product, you want them to talk about your product and you want them to introduce your product to their friends.

We normally think when we have a big number of likes or followers we will get more engagement. But that does not really happen in reality. Please take a look at this example. Here is a post shared by popular South Korean Boy Band EXO on their both official Facebook and Instagram sites. Note that EXO has more than 7 million likes on Facebook but has only 1.5 million followers on Instagram.







EXO’s Instagram post has 471,235 likes comparing to Facebook’s 806 likes. only less than 0% of its Facebook followers has engaged. However, more than 30% of EXO’s Instagram followers have engaged with this post. To be honest, when you want to promote your posts, sometimes you might end up with the ‘boost your post’ option, where you have to pay few more extra dollars. What is the point paying to Facebook when you can get job done properly in Instagram. Even though, Facebook has some engagement, you can clearly see that, Instagram and its’ followers have more engagement.

In addition, even though Instagram only picture centralized, now it is getting attention through 60 seconds videos. Instagram allow you to upload only 60 seconds video. I business words we can say it allows you to promote your business within 60 seconds. As i mentioned before, people concern a lot about time today so in reality people not going to view 5 minute long your promotional video on Facebook, but they might view your 60 second Instagram video while browsing his/her pictures.

What is more, Instagram allows you to have direct interaction with consumers which helps to build  brand awareness through consumer relationship plus most importantly brand loyalty which is the purpose of engagement.


According to my above discussion I am advocating Instagram. But that does not mean we are putting down Facebook. Facebook still is the big guy in the campus, but this new kid Instagram know how to engage with people and how to get popular. At the end you are running a business and your task is to carry it to the success through social media presence. In this 21st century digital world to make a difference I recommend you to use Instagram as your prior social media platform to connect with your audience.

Do you also agree with this? Let us know in the comments below.



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